Each month I will release a limited edition print of an image from my personal archives. The prints are made by me and will be available in two sizes. Thanks in advance for your support!


Shiprock, Navajo Nation, San Juan County, NM

Shiprock (Tsé Bitʼaʼí, or "rock with wings" according to Navajo people) is a striking geologic formation that rises nearly 1,600 feet above the high-desert plains of the Navajo Nation. Shiprock and the land surrounding it hold spiritual and historical significance and feature prominently in Navajo religion, myth and tradition. This photograph was made just before the sun struck the face of the rock on a cool, calm and clear October morning. Shiprock is the newest image in my ongoing Vanishing Points series.



Sea Stacks, Bandon Beach, OR

I had the great privilege of living near the Oregon Coast for three years, while studying to get my MFA in Photography at the University of Oregon. The cyclical energy and perpetual change of the ocean was hugely inspirational to me and my work! This particular image includes a series of twelve sea stacks photographed in a single day along Bandon Beach. I was fascinated with the individual characteristics of each of these monoliths and in the collection of forms seen together. Sea Stacks is part of a series I did during my graduate studies titled, Contact, in which I would shoot an entire roll of medium format 120mm film focusing on the peculiarities of a set of similar subjects. The roll of film was then contact printed in the darkroom on light sensitive paper.



Sunrise at Schwabacher’s Landing, Grand Teton National Park, WY

Sunrise is my favorite time of day in the Tetons! This image was made in the summer of 2018 along the banks of the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park. Beavers are very active along this particular stretch of the river and have created numerous dams and diversions that slow the current and still the water.